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Why sucking?
Sucking is a normal infant reflex when babies are tired, bored, scared, confused, or in need of comfort. All babies need to suck and the amount of sucking varies from baby to baby.

Why pacifier?
Pacifier can be a “peacemaker” device used to satisfy baby’s need for sucking. It can also help parents to provide comfort and security to baby during painful medical procedures. Pacifier can reduce stress that baby experiences. Pacifier is an effective simple method to manage pain. It may help your baby go to sleep. For young babies, parents can also reduce the risk of overfeeding by using pacifiers.

Thumb VS Pacifier?
It is clear that stop using pacifier is easier than stop thumb sucking because parents can simply throw away pacifiers when it’s time to stop while you can’t throw away a thumb.

What shape of pacifier is the best?
Pacifier with orthodontic shape is often recommended by dentists because it may prevent tongue thrust and helps teeth and jaw development.

Any associated problem using pacifiers?
Pacifier can have most benefits for young babies or newborn aged not over 6 months. Between the ages of 6 and 10 months, restricting pacifier use only to moments of falling asleep to reduce risk of middle ear infections. The use of pacifier after 12 months may lead to delayed speech and using pacifier or thumb sucking beyond the age of 5 may lead to dental problems.

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